appointment Prep

Here is some information to help you prepare and to ensure you get the MOST from your service, receive an accurate cut, and avoid extra charges!

Please arrive for your appointment 10 minutes early with dry, detangled, clean hair, in its natural state 

(i.e. no coconut or Shea butter, other oils, no stretched or heated styles so we can see your natural curl pattern as well as see any damage clearly - stretched styles include ponytails and buns).

Each appointment will begin with a consultation and are included in all services. Cuts and colors are performed first on dry hair. 


All hair services include a No-Poo transformation unless otherwise stated (cleanse, hydrate, natural hair styling, hair care curl education), and we will check the cut/color again once the hair is dry to account for any shrinkage after the cleanse we do in house.


Please contact us with any questions before coming to your appointment so we can give you the best experience! 

Excess detangling starts at $15  


We thank you for your consideration and we can’t wait to see you.

Suggested Add Ons for hair care:


Detangling, Olaplex, BB3 Demi Conditioner ,Curl Prepare, KM, deep conditioning  mask.

After Care

Curly hair is very vulnerable to breakage and tangling. Here are some after care tips to help your head of curls healthy, glossy, bouncy, and looking their BEST!

Do not over wash your hair. Shampoo once a week.

ONLY use microfiber towels. Told your head forward and squeeze upwards gently to prevent to get out water. This will prevent frizzing.


Apply styling products to wet hair before air drying or diffusing. Remember, diffusing is your friend!

Use a brush sparingly. Denman brush is good for curly locks.

Curl clips can be used to give your roots extra volume.  


Use satin or silk pillowcases for your pillows or use a satin or silk scarf or bonnet while sleeping securing with bobby pins.

Refresh curls with spray bottle filled with warm water and 2 Tbs of conditioner and a cap full of apple cider vinegar. Spray gently onto hair.

Dry curls side to side and use a nourishing oil or serum.

Products recommend:


Neuma Argon Oil, Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil, Kevin Murphy Killer Oils, Kevin Murphy Killer Waves, Loma Curvy Creme, Loma Smoothing Creme, Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment, Loma Moisturizing Shampoo and Treatment, The Source Nourishing Shampoo System, Kevin Murphy Smooth Again System, Kevin Murphy Hydrating System, and Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair.

After Care

Do NOT shampoo your new color for the first 2 days after application.

Shampoo with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, or dry shampoo every few days.

Shampoo scalp area only. Let the shampoo rinse through the rest.


Rinse with cool water.

Use products with heat protectant in them..

Prolonged exposure to chlorinated or well water will shorten the color cycle. Use a stay in conditioner when you expose your hair to chlorinated water.

4-6 week touch ups will help keep you color vivid and vibrant.

Products recommend:


 Kevin Murphy Restore, Kevin Murphy Killer Angel Wash, Kevin Murphy Repair Me, Neuma  Moisture Shampoo, Neuma Renue Shampoo.


Dry Shampoos:

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair, Neuma Dry Shampoo, Kevin Murphy Doo Over.

Heat Protectants:

Kevin Murphy Staying Alive, Young Again Oil, Hair Resort Spray, Heat Defense Mousse.

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